IRSE Publish Centenary Textbook

The great signalling engineers of Westinghouse and its Constituent Companies have had a long involvement with the Institution of Railway Signal Engineers – the specialist professional body for those working in Signalling and Telecommunications.

On 10th September, at the ASPECT 2012 Conference, the IRSE published its Centennial History. This tells the story of hundred years of development of signalling and telecommunication technology, and includes a detailed Biography of the late O S Nock. Ossie wrote the original ‘Hundred Years of Speed and Safety’ book, the first project that the polunnio team was involved in.

The new volume tracks progress in the industry over those hundred years, and fits in well with the polunnio publications – showing how intimately the progress of the company and the institution have been throughout that time – and identifying the role played by some ‘larger than life’ characters who have steered the industry.

For more information and to buy your copy, visit the IRSE online shop.