‘WB&S in Chippenham’ now on this site

It’s now 8 years since Polunnio published ‘Westinghouse Brake & Signal in Chippenham in Photographs’. We’ve long since sold out of the printed copies of the book, and the royalties have been paid to Chippenham Museum. We have no plans to reprint at this stage, but hope that the viewable version below may be of interest. Our plan is to make far more of the Westinghouse history accessible on the website in the coming months and years, to celebrate the contribution that the Company and its remarkable employees made to the area, and the World, over the lifespan of the Westinghouse Brake & Signal organisation – and of course even today as the various companies that were spun out from WB&S continue to be market leaders with strong bases in the North/West Wiltshire area.

If you have questions or more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – either via Chippenham Museum and Heritage Centre, or our Contact page.