WB&S Photos

This is just a small sample of the photographs that appear in Westinghouse Brake & Signal in Chippenham in Photographs. They’re selected at random!

  • polo1200page28067-internet
  • img236-chyh2000-197-internet
  • img018-internet
  • img010-internet
  • 100929a-img068-internet
  • 100919-img350-chiyh-2008-122-internet
  • 100907a-polo600page18046-internet
  • 060929a-war-exhibition-1-internet
  • 060904-test-track-internet
  • 060503-wes-review-oct-55-ambulance-internet
  • 060412-women-workers-in-wartime-museum-47-internet
  • sf-fire-brigade-internet

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