Thomas Haywood and Sons

Thomas Eli Haywood – TEH – is a name long associated with railway signalling.

Thomas gets an honourable mention in both the WB&S history books, both for his remarkable drafting skills when working for McKenzie & Holland in Worcester, and for his photograph of the Chippenham site (below) some time before leaving the company to start his own company in the 1890s.

Haywood’s family have carried out extensive research into the great man, including Carol Palmer’s book Thomas Haywood & Sons Ltd (2009), ISBN 978-0-9564136-0-4 which is still available from

Now TEH’s descendent, well known London Designer and Artist Heidi Sturgess has started to create a new website to celebrate his achievements and legacies. Still in development, but well worth a visit, the website can be found here.

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